A&P Wholesales is a world leader in the international wholesale distribution of top name brand electronics. As a respected global supplier of electronics including mobile phones, laptops and tablets we set the standard in international wholesale distribution. Technology distribution, technology sales, marketing and logistics for the IT industry worldwide is what we do best. We proudly align our business with market leaders that include brand names like Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, LG, and notably Apple. A&P Wholesales is dedicated to competitive prices, as well as rapid and accurate fulfillment. Our business values are clearly defined as respect, integrity, partnership, and teamwork.


A&P Wholesales connects technology solution providers and vendors around the globe, identifying markets as well as technologies that define the IT industry. We leverage the global technology marketplace, bringing the most innovative products and services to market in a timely fashion. No other company in the international wholesale distribution industry delivers the value added services that we offer our clients. Innovation is a key component of our business model. It is the flexibility to adjust to rapid changes in the industry that sets A&P Wholesales apart from the competition. We differentiate our business in the rapidly evolving wholesale distribution marketplace as a business that truly cares.


A&P Wholesales offers efficient scalable service to all our business partners around the world. We actively seek out new and emerging market opportunities in a wide array of international business and technology markets. We are by a wide margin the leader and innovator in emerging IT product technologies. A&P Wholesales proudly takes the distribution of the latest and most cutting edge products to a higher level. In addition, A&P Wholesales has built a reputation for providing unmatched levels of customer service. We know the importance of developing trust with business associates and clients around the world. A&P Wholesales knows the power of technology.

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